How our data products have been used

By Alex Roberts

Posted 16th November 2017

We work with global clients, delivering incredible football content which engages, grows and informs audiences.

Below are a few examples of how our world-leading data products have been used. All made possible with Opta.


To activate their sponsorship of MLS, Audi took Opta’s detailed data feeds and created the Audi Player index which takes Opta data and runs it through a unique algorithm to produce a statistical measure of how players are performing. The Player index was utilised across all MLS coverage including in-game analysis and social media platforms, as well as being accessible by fans through a variety of platforms. 


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We have worked closely with French newspaper L'Equipe for a number of years. Their project ‘Myth or Mytho’, looked at major football myths and either proves or debunks them based on information from our historical database and also their own.

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Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal used Opta data to look at World Cup players' penalty kick patterns ahead of the competition. This is a great example of how detailed Opta data can be interrogated and used to create bespoke digital experiences for football fans (and teams).

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